Postal address

Laboratory of Dynamics in Biological Systems
Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
KU Leuven, Campus Gasthuisberg O&N1
Herestraat 49 office 08.326, B-3000 Leuven

Phone: +32 (0)16 37 42 88
Email: lendert.gelens (at)

Shipping address

Lendert Gelens
Laboratory of Dynamics in Biological Systems
Dept Cellular and Molecular Medicine
O&N I Herestraat 49 – box 802
3000 Leuven

How to find the lab

It is easy to get lost in the buildings of the Gasthuisberg campus. You can follow these directions to arrive at the lab.

Coming from the hospital

  1. Coming from the main entrance of the hospital, follow the “Bordeaux” arrows. These will lead you to the O&N1 building.
  2. When you hit the elevators at the end of the indicated route, take the elevator to the 8th floor.
  3. In the hallway, go left twice.
  4. This brings you to our department (CMM). Our lab is in the right hallway (standing with your back to the elevators you see), all they way at the end in the renovated part of the building. We know it’s complicated…

Coming from the big hall in O&N1 (near Alma Gasthuisberg)

  1. Go up to the 8th floor (need badge to access the elevator)
  2. Take the right hallway (with lots of green doors)
  3. Continue all the way to the end (renovated part). Our lab is behind the last door.

Coming from the courtyard (easiest)

  1. Take the elevator/stairs located between the buildings O&N1 and O&N2 (enter through glass door which says “faculteit Geneeskunde”)
  2. Go up to the eight floor
  3. Coming out of the elevator, go left. Our lab is the first door after entering the building O&N1

Open positions

We currently have no open positions. If you have experience in modeling dynamical systems, nonlinear dynamics, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry and/or microscopy, and you are interested and motivated to join our lab, we encourage you to contact us to discuss possibilities for obtaining personal funding.