Publication with the Santos lab

October 2016
Our collaboration with the Santos lab at MRC has lead to a first publication in Mol. Cell. We show that positive feedback is crucial in keeping M phase constant and temporally insulated from other cell cycle events.

Alexandra joins the lab

October 2016
Welcome to the lab Alexandra, congratz on a great PhD thesis and we're very happy to have you on board to help exploring the regulation of cell cycle processes.

Pedro published two new papers on dark solitons

June 2016
Congratulations to Pedro for publishing his work on localized states and optical frequency combs in normal dispersion cavities. See his Optics Letters and Physics Review A paper here and here .

Goodbye Ferrell lab

April 2016
Goodbye Ferrell lab, Stanford, and California, you were absolutely great and will be missed!

Lab start

October 2015
Lendert officially starts the lab "Dynamics in Biological Systems" at the department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, KU Leuven. He will, however, still stay half a year longer at the Ferrell lab at Stanford University to finish ongoing projects.