Pedro publishes work on interacting bright and dark solitons in PRA and EPJD

June 2017
In the PRA paper, we show that bright and dark solitons can coexist in normal dispersion optical resonators in the presence of third order dispersion. In the EPJD work, which is part of a special issue on the Lugiato-Lefever equation, we study how solitons interact with one another.

Pedro successfully defended his PhD thesis

March 2017
On March 3, Pedro successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Dynamics of dissipative localized structures in driven nonlinear optical cavities". You can find a copy of his thesis here. Excellent work Pedro!

Pedro published his work on a new excitability mechanism

February 2017
Pedro published a paper in Physical Review E as a Rapid Communication, in which he reports on a new mechanism for excitability in extended systems without underlying oscillatory dynamics. Well done Pedro!

Alexandra’s PhD work got published and selected as a breakthrough article

February 2017
Alexandra has published two papers based on her PhD work on bacterial toxin-antitoxin CcdB-CcdA systems in the lab of Remy Loris. One paper has been published in JACS, and one in NAR. Additionally, the latter paper has been selected as a breakthrough article, congratulations Alexandra, great stuff!

Julen joins the lab

December 2016
On Dec 14, Julen Gelens La Greca was born. Being by far the youngest and cutest member, he has a courtesy appointment in the lab as mascotte and frog whisperer. Julen

Jan joins the lab

November 2016
Jan has joined the lab and will be studying the coordination of biological processes (i.e. the cell cycle) from a more mathematical point of view. Glad to have you in the group!

Publication with the Santos lab

October 2016
Our collaboration with the Santos lab at MRC has lead to a first publication in Mol. Cell. We show that positive feedback is crucial in keeping M phase constant and temporally insulated from other cell cycle events.

Alexandra joins the lab

October 2016
Welcome to the lab Alexandra, congratz on a great PhD thesis and we're very happy to have you on board to help exploring the regulation of cell cycle processes.

Pedro published two new papers on dark solitons

June 2016
Congratulations to Pedro for publishing his work on localized states and optical frequency combs in normal dispersion cavities. See his Optics Letters and Physics Review A paper here and here .

Goodbye Ferrell lab

April 2016
Goodbye Ferrell lab, Stanford, and California, you were absolutely great and will be missed!