November 17, 2021

Felix successfully defended his PhD

Felix convincingly presented his PhD work entitled “Mathematical modeling of nuclei as pacemakers of cell cycle oscillations”. It was a...
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September 15, 2021

Jolan successfully defended his PhD

In the context of a joint PhD with Prof. Verfaillie of the Stem Cell institute,  Jolan presented his PhD work ...
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August 24, 2021

A modular approach for modeling the cell cycle based on functional response curves

Bistability plays an important role in many biochemical processes and typically emerges from complex interaction patterns such as positive and...
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July 31, 2021

Analytical approximations for the speed of pacemaker-generated waves

In oscillatory media, waves can be generated by pacemaker regions which oscillate faster than their surroundings. Jan applied analytical tools...
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July 1, 2021

How do nuclei control mitotic waves in an import-diffusion model?

In this work, Felix extended the modeling work he did for our 2020 eLife paper in which we showed that...
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